What do watching Korean dramas, Korean movies, and studying Hangul have in common? They’re all activities that become way more enjoyable with Korean snacks—especially chocolate snacks!

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The South Korean cocoa and chocolate market has been growing at a fast pace; in fact, it’s estimated to amount to USD 602 million by 2024.

There’s a reason why South Korea’s chocolate market has unique advantages over other Asian counties: it’s not as humid and hot as countries to the south, it’s very pro-business, and not as expensive. Plus, Koreans take snacks very seriously and come up with boldly unique and some of the tastiest treats under the sun!

Let’s look at some of the most popular chocolate snacks that they have for us:

1.     The Orion Choco Pie

Give way to an all-time famous Korean snack. It’s almost impossible to meet a Korean—or anyone who has fallen in love with the Korean culture—who doesn’t know about Orion choco pies.

Choco pies are an integral part of Korean society, and Orion is the go-to brand for most people. These choco pies are basically yellow sponge cakes with chocolate on the outside and marshmallow on the inside. Be warned: these choco pies are so yummy that once you start eating them, you’re likely going to eat the entire 12-pack box!

2.     Pepero White Cookie Sticks

The Koreans love Pepero so much that the snack has its own holiday! Pepero chocolate snacks come in a ton of varieties, ranging from white chocolate and milk chocolate to almond and chocolate, peanut butter, sprinkles, choco filled sticks, and choco cookies.

The Pepero white cookie sticks are a must-try! They’re reminiscent of the widely popular Hershey’s cookies and cream. The cookie sticks are coated with chocolate cookie pieces and white chocolate—yum—and have a bit more texture than the chocolate-dipped Pepero classic.

3.     Lotte Chic Choc Chocolate Cookie

Lotte Confectionery is one of the leading confectioneries on account of its Ghana, Dream Cacao, and Crunky brands. If you’re a chocolate lover and a believer in the magical properties that chocolate has to offer, Lotteis your brand of choice! It’s one of the most popular chocolate brands in Korea, and for a reason!

The Lotte chic choc is a soft butter cookie homemade with rich premium chocolate chips! The sweet chocolate chips are like nothing you’ve had before.

The LotteBinch Half chocolate &Half biscuit is also a Korean favorite. Try these easy-to-eat desserts today to see what all the fuss is about.

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