In the past decade, online shopping rates have increased in every retail industry. Reports predict that nearly 230 million US citizens are bound to shop online by next year—and frequently.


The online marketplace has adapted to this growing demand; grocery stores nationwide are bringing convenience to consumers by making shopping online easier than ever. Here are a few reasons why we believe online grocery shopping online should be how you stock up.

Safe and Accessible

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that public spaces are filled with germs. While wearing a mask is a great way to keep yourself safe, it may not be enough for immunocompromised individuals or children.


No one should be inconvenienced or have their daily routine disrupted just because they have to take all kinds of extra steps to safeguard their health. Even if you don’t frequent grocery stores often, online shopping can get you all your required groceries to your doorstep, without any hassle.

You won’t have to hand over a grocery list to someone else and pray they find exactly what you’re looking for. Instead, browse through the grocery store catalog and pick what suits you best and have it delivered as soon as the next day!

More Discounts

 Cutting a grocery discount tag with scissors.


Who doesn’t love a good discount? However, there’s a world of difference in the coupons you can use in-person and online. While you have a limited number of discounts available in-store, a simple Google search will help you avail a wide array of online discounts.


Additionally, many grocery stores offer bundles and weekly discount deals to encourage online shopping, which you can’t find in-store. So not only are you budgeting by saving up on gas money, but you also get extra discounts!

A Peaceful Experience

How many times have you had to look around the grocery store for your runaway toddler? Or avoid an aisle because you’re in no state to chat with an old school friend you just saw? Yeah, grocery shopping can get pretty stressful!


Whether you're more of an introvert or just not a big fan of the chaos that comes with grocery runs, online shopping is a safe haven! You can browse through the store's products at ease and order whatever you like with no added stress.


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