4 Common Misconceptions About Organic Food

In a world that’s constantly evolving, people have become increasingly particular not just about what they eat, but also about where the food they eat comes from. The word ‘organic’ is defined by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and is used to describe food products that are produced under approved methods.

People working in the organic food market very commonly come across worried consumers with a lot of misconceptions about organic food production and consumption which prevents them from purchasing these organic food products.

What a lot of people don’t know is that organic food actually comes with a lot of benefits and most commonly known facts around it are basically just misconceptions. Here are 4 common misconceptions you might have about organic food.

Organic Food Costs Much Higher

The biggest misconception that any common person has is that organic food is too expensive to be consumed on a daily basis. This is not true. Not only are organic food products affordable to buy but also cost far less than conventional foods.

Organic salted sesame seeds at SF mart.com

Organic Food is Grown Without Pesticides

While this may concern you as the use of pesticides can be harmful for the human body, compared to the conventional foods, the use of pesticides for organic foods differ in the quantity and source.

Naturally-derived pesticides are used to grow organic foods whereas conventional food is grown using synthetic pesticides, which are much more harmful. What’s more is that conventional food produce have much greater pesticide residual as compared to organic foods grown on land.

Organic Food Doesn’t Taste Good

While this is a very subjective point, we feel that many people are under the impression that organic foods do not necessarily taste as good as conventional foods do.

If you have a good organic food store near you, you’ll notice that organic food flavors are actually really good! If you still have doubts, try tasting a little bit of conventional ketchup and see what tastes better, organic ketchup or conventionally made ketchup. You’re in for a surprise.

Organic Foods Are Just A Marketing Propaganda

This is an interesting myth and we’re here to debunk it. While many of you might think that organic foods exist simply as marketing hype and the organic food market rips people off – this is absolutely not true.

You’d be surprised to know about the numerous health benefits of organic foods. Take organic whole grains for example, not only do they promote good digestive health but also help prevent common diseases like Type 2 Diabetes, heart problems and even colorectal cancer!

If you’re convinced organic foods come with a lot of benefits and want to get your hands on some organic food products today, we highly suggest you to order the best products from an organic food store near you. Through SF Mart.com, you can get your favorite organic food products and we can deliver them at your doorstep. Reach out to us on (714)256-0808 or drop an email at sales@seasonfood.us and our representative will get back to you with your order details.

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