With everybody jumping on the organic food bandwagon and local grocery stores having a separate section for organic produce, there’s a lot more variety of organic items that you can try. From Korean organic snacks to healthy fruits, this guide will highlight the four organic foods you must try.

Organic Snack Foods

The list of organic snack foods is incomplete without the mention of Korean roasted seaweed and crackers. Not only are these snacks tasty, but they also pack a lot of nutritional value with minimal calories, making them great alternatives to regular snack foods if you’re on a diet. Additionally, you can also buy organic snack bars and cookies that taste the same as regular ones but are much healthier.

A Bowl of Yummy Fruit Salad

A bowl of healthy fruit salad

Who doesn’t like a big bowl full of delicious fruits? What if it could be healthier? Well, that’s exactly what organic fruit salad is. It packs the goodness and flavor of fruits without any harmful pesticides or insecticides. Not only that, but these fruits are also free from any preservatives, meaning they won’t cause any health issues for you either. All you have to do is slice up your favorite fruits, toss them in a bowl with some salad seasoning and have yourself a healthy and delicious meal.

Organic Black Bean Tea

Organic black bean tea originates from Japan, where it’s called Kuromamecha due to its dark purple color. This tea has a plethora of health benefits, including antiaging and anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, this tea improves blood flow and, decreases blood pressure, which is great for reducing stress after a tough day. Not only that, but the tea is also anti-cancerogenic and antimicrobial.

Organic Mixed Grains

Organic mixed grains are a special blend of grain, including brown rice, wheat, barley, quinoa, and a bunch of other organic grains that have a multitude of health benefits. This blend of grains can be eaten as a light snack or a full meal by adding a few side dishes. The reason these grains are so popular is that they offer high nutritional value with no calories.

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