A Deep Dive—Why Are Japanese Snacks So Good?

Truth be told, nothing gives us more pleasure than going wild with a favorite bar of chocolate and a bag of candy with your name on it when you need some comfort on a bad day.

Hershey’s, Reese’s Cups, Ferrero Rochers, Twix, Sno Balls, Oreos—with so many wonderful treats that remind us of the happier times in life, we depend on these candies and snacks to give us that temporary sustenance and energy to get through the day.

And if it were up to us, we’d designate our favorite snacks as the best there are.

Yet, you know that’s not true.

Because if there are snacks famous around the world for their flavor, packaging and creativity, those are Japanese snacks!

Why Do People Love Japanese Snacks?

Compared to American snacks, Japanese snacks reign supreme in every way!

Just taking your average American candy, we have flavors we can count on our fingers; blueberry, green apple, lemon, cherry, vanilla, raspberry, chocolate, orange, purple grape, lime and the other staples.

However, if you take Japanese candy, even something as mainstream as Kit-Kat, the Japanese have produced more than 300 limited-edition regional and seasonal flavors in the last twenty years. Starting from basic chocolate, these finger chocolates are available in flavors such as green tea, cherry blossom, cheesecake and soy sauce.

So, you can only imagine the variety they’ve introduced for their local brands. With something like prawn crackers, their flavors include levels of spices, chicken, prawn, beef—whatever appeals to the people’s taste.

A Varied Selection of Popular Japanese Snacks

The Strength Of Flavor

What makes Japanese snacks so distinctive in comparison to American or even British candy is the difference in flavor.

Where an American bar of Orange Kit-Kat would be fruity, Japanese Orange Kit-Kat packs a powerful punch. They don’t just rely on producing intense flavors—they use multiple layers in their candy to deliver multiple layers for the palette and Increase the complexity and intensity of flavors.

So, when you bite into it, you don’t just get a punch of flavor, you’re hit with a more complex combination of flavors, ones that take you on a ride, so you feel that authentic flavor of orange on your tongue.

The Outside Counts Too

We also can’t dismiss how the Japanese market their products.

Colorful, appealing to the eye, and enhanced by different marketing figures in candy, these “mascots” often say encouraging phrases, as a way of delivering a positive message. Some candies even allow people to inscribe their private messages onto candies.  Others design candy in various shapes, so you’ll even find chocolate biscuits in the shape of mushrooms.

The Japanese love to experiment with creativity and design, and that makes their product far more appealing to the general public.

A Selection of Colorful Japanese Snacks

A Healthier Alternative?

Let’s not forget that the Asian community and their diet is far healthier than Americans.

So, as a rule, most Japanese companies don’t use the typical sugary substitutes to sweeten their snacks. There’s no heavy use of chocolate, caramel, or nougat—instead, their candy and snacks are often made with sweet beans and even sweet potatoes.

The result of this is that overall, their candies have a lower calorie count than anything from the American market.

You Want to Try Japanese Snacks?

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