It’s a central part of almost everyone’s daily lives.

But unlike us in the West who mass produce tea and steep it in boiling water, mixing it with various ingredients to create tea lattes and more, those in Asia take tea very seriously.

Just the act of pouring tea is refined to an art. Tea is brewed to various temperatures for different amounts of time—even the type of cup you use makes a difference!

Tea In Japan

Since the first time tea was introduced in Japan from China in the 700s to the present moment, tea has gone through various revolutions. From being considered a luxury product and a medicinal beverage to being served in tea drinking parties amongst the affluent to now, the Japanese have treated tea differently during each era. Tea has, through this time as well, branched into various types, thanks to the interest of the Japanese in various teas and experimentation.

Roasted green tea, residual green tea, Matcha tea, oolong tea, black tea, jasmine tea, barley tea, and kelp tea—all of these and more are steeped at different temperatures and are served in vending machines as well. All to satisfy the need people have for the signature tea taste.

Cup of Herbal Tea Surrounded by Various Tea Ingredients

Tea In China

For the Chinese, tea and serving tea is more a part of Chinese tradition than just a beverage.

For example, in the Chinese tea culture, tea is tasted and judged by its fragrance, color, flavor, the quality of the water, and even the tea set. When consuming tea, the atmosphere, music, environment, as well as the people around the drinker, all are considered part of the tea-drinking experience.

That is because, for the Chinese, morality and ethics are blended in the tea-drinking tradition. People savor life by savoring tea—they cultivate their mind and body, using tea and embodying the spirit of tea, which is truthfulness, joy, respect, and clearness.

Chinese Tea Ceremony


Tea in Korea

As it was in Japan and China, tea was considered a significant part of their culture and tradition. In present-day South Korea, tea is drunk alongside coffee—though coffee was far more accessible for some time.

With the general population leaning more toward getting in touch with their tradition, tea started becoming more popular. Tea and tea ceremonies are now commonplace—and with South Korea becoming more economically sound, people now drink tea for comfort during some moment of solace.

As a result, people in South Korea now consider tea to be not just a remedy for the body but the soul too. Tea is now regarded as the best healthy drink if someone is ill.

Interested In Taking Part?

Tea plays a significant role in almost all cultures, so why not reconnect with history?

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