Sweet rice flour, ground from short-grain glutinous sticky rice that is sticky and soft in texture. It is commonly a household staple in Southeast Asia and Japan.

As sweet rice flour has high levels of proteins, fibers, amino acids, and other substantial nutrients, it has various health benefits that make it a great alternative to regular wheat flour.

The following are the benefits of baking with sweet rice flour:

An Easy to Use Alternative

Sweet rice flour has a high water absorption rate as a gluten-free alternative, giving it a chewy, moist, and soft texture for baking. Moreover, compared to regular flour, rice flour is less likely to become lumpy, so it does not require sifting, making the baking process faster and simpler. To prevent it from separating, it also easy to combine it with liquids, making it adaptable and useful for baking.

An Added Desirable Texture

Organic sweet rice flour has a high starch content that enables the flour's proteins to glue together, making the texture of the baked goods soft and fluffy. Moreover, sweet rice flour is known to improve glazes and crusts' shine due to the amylopectin starch. This amylopectin starch reacts to moisture, temperature, and shear, which gives the baked goods a soft texture.


There is no unique flavor in sweet rice flour, making it a great addition to savory dishes. It is the best gluten-free flour for making delicious smooth, and cohesive sauces. Sweet rice flour has a quality that stops liquids from separating, so it is a useful thickening agent for gravies and sauces that does not make them gritty or grainy or have an overwhelming taste.

A Healthier Alternative

Apart from being flavorsome, bread, brownies, cookies, and other desserts made from sweet rice flour are a healthier alternative to classic desserts made from white wheat flour. For this reason, it is possible to eat them more often.

A Gluten-free Alternative

Organic sweet rice flour is an excellent substitute for wheat flour. Most wheat contains gluten which can cause problems with the digestive system, especially if someone has a gluten allergy or celiac disease, which is a digestive condition that triggers an immune system response to gluten. In contrast, baking with rice flour prevents these issues as rice flour has many added benefits that improve health. 

Organic sweet rice flour and eggs used for baking

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