Asian cuisine is extremely popular across the globe. Most recently, Korean cuisine has experienced tremendous popularity. Each year the number of Korean restaurants around the world keeps on increasing. Korean cuisine consists of nutrient-rich and delicious dishes, which has become the number one choice of a lot of people when it comes to Asian cuisine. If you’ve never gotten the chance to experience this delightful cuisine, you should learn some facts about it before trying it out.


Korean food is always served fresh. Many dishes are raw and cooked at the table in front of you.  Nothing is ever pre-cooked, everything is cooked according to customer preferences. It is very common for some seafood dishes like octopus, or fish to be moving at the table because of how fresh they are.

Bulgogi Meat

Bulgogi is the signature meat in Korean cuisine. It has a mild taste and is sliced into pieces making it very convenient to eat. At times it is also served raw to be cooked at your table. When translated, bulgogi meat means ‘fire meat’.

cooked bulgogi meat served on a plate

All meals are served together

Unlike many traditions and cuisines, Korean dining doesn’t follow a set order of serving the courses. They believe in serving everything at once, giving choice to the people to eat as they please. There is no set pattern of serving the appetizers first and dessert at the end.

All meals are served together in a tray.


When you hear the word kimchi it reminds you of Korean cuisine. Kimchi is a side dish that is made from salt and fermented vegetables. Fermented foods are a must with every meal. Koreans highly believe that fermented foods like kimchi have healing properties to them and they are also considered effective at promoting healthy digestion. Fermented foods include yogurt, cider, mung beans, pickles, and many more vegetables.

Metal Chopsticks

Like most Asian cultures, chopsticks are also an important part of Korean cuisine. Although, the chopsticks used in Korean cuisine are different in material. Due to the shortage of wood in Korea, they decided to make metal utensils and chopsticks. Korean chopsticks are also smaller in size and blunt at the ends.  Metal chopsticks are more durable since they can be easily washed and reused.

Rice as currency

Rice is something you will find in every kitchen in Korea. There was a time rice was short in supply and massive in demand, which led to rice being one of the most demanded commodity. People in the past have paid taxes with rice. Rice was always seen as a royal dish in Korea and it still continues to retain it’s popularity.

Taste for garlic

Korean cuisine is considered incomplete without garlic. Due its wide range of health benefits, it is used extensively in every type of food and even in some drinks. In fact,  Korea continues to the largest consumer of garlic in the world.

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