Plainly put, you’re tired of eating the same 8–9 dishes you know how to make, day in and day out!

Sure, you have your fair share of pizzas, pasta, and hamburgers now and then. But with your waistline expanding and your taste buds asking for something new, you want to turn to a different style of cuisine—Korean.

Being one of the healthiest cuisines in the culinary world, choosing Korean for your new foodie foray is the best choice. So, where do you start?

Here are five unique Korean recipes that we, at SFMart, love. Order Korean ingredients with your Asian groceries online from us and start cooking!

1.     Candied Sweet Potato

Caramelized Sweet Potatoes

A simple side dish that can be eaten as is (because come on, potatoes!), this fried, and candied sweet potato dish is denser than the average sweet potato in the U.S. With its purple skin and yellow flesh, this dish is also colorful enough to entice children. And with its sweet taste and only three ingredients, it’s easy enough that you can make it whenever you want.

Here’s the recipe!

2.     Corn Cheese

Corn Cheese

Consider this a special once-a-month treat for surviving a particularly ruthless day!

Made with corn, melted cheese, and rice cakes, this meal is supposed to be a shared platter. So, if you’re bringing something for a potluck dinner, this is a good choice. It’s high in calories, so that’s a fair warning—but if you have other people eating with you, there’s no reason why you can’t have yourself some corn cheese to comfort that weary soul.

Here is the recipe!

3.     Vegetable Tempura

Vegetable Tempura and Two Sauces

Forget the Korean vegetable tempura you’ve had in restaurants and takeaway!

This sliced vegetable tempura is made using Korean batter for frying and is the perfect snack for any junk food-loving foodie. Extremely easy to make (be careful around the oil), all that’s required is an easy batter you can make yourself, and your favorite selection of vegetables.

Here’s the recipe!

4.     Kimchi Fried Rice

Kimchi Fried Rice

A combination of fried rice that is made with kimchi draped with an egg or seaweed, accompanied by your favorite soup —a classic!

With just a few ingredients, including sesame oil, sesame seeds, and bacon, you can make this simple dish in no time. You can also try to make kimchi yourself—it’s a long process, but worthwhile. Once you have kimchi, you can follow an easy kimchi fried rice recipe and season it as you’d like

Click here for the recipe.

5.     Korean BBQ Chicken Wings

Korean-Style BBQ Wings

These oven-roasted wings dripping with BBQ deliciousness can be served as appetizers, a drinking snack, a main dish, or even for an average Saturday night!

Very easy to make, the good (and bad) thing about these Korean BBQ chicken wings is that you can’t have just one. So, be prepared to order some extra ingredients if the people in your household love to tuck in.

Here’s the recipe.

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