Humans have consumed whole grains in their diet for thousands of years. However, now there's an increased intake of refined grains, which unlike organic whole grains, has been linked to health problems such as obesity.

What’s important for all of us to be aware of is how organic foods like organic whole grains consist of a lot of essential nutrients such as fiber, minerals, B vitamins and phytochemicals. These nutrients not only help with good digestive health but can also prevent many chronic diseases.

So while we discuss the many benefits of eating whole, it’s best to first take a moment to check the daily recommended servings of whole grains based on your age and be sure to incorporate it in your daily diet.

Lowers Risk Of Heart Conditions

One of the leading causes of death around the world are heart diseases. One of the biggest benefits of consuming organic whole grains is that it significantly reduces the risks of you getting a heart disease or a stroke.

So, whether it’s just whole-grain breads, bran or cereal, remember what they’re saving you from when you have them next.

High in Fiber

Whole grains are rich in fiber and a high fiber diet comes with loaded health benefits. It helps relieve constipation by facilitating movement of waste along the digestive tract. Therefore, it has an extremely positive effect on your overall digestive health.

Organic whole oat groats at SF

A fiber-rich diet such as a daily intake of organic whole oats will not only help with your digestion and lowering your cholesterol levels but will also prevent the clotting of blood that can lead to serious health complications.

Full of Nutrients

Organic whole grain kernels are made of three parts that include the bran, endosperm and germ. Together, they form a nutrient-filled whole grain consisting of B vitamins, proteins, fiber, minerals, antioxidants and plant compounds.

The difference between refined grains and whole grains is that refined grains do not have germ and bran, leaving out a lot of essential nutrients. This is why consuming organic whole grains, instead of refined grains can prove to be a nutrient-rich meal.

Lowers Risk of Type-2 Diabetes

A lot of studies have shown that replacing refined grains with whole grains and consuming 2 servings of whole grains can significantly lower your risks of getting Type-2 Diabetes. Whole grains help in improving insulin sensitivity as well as lowering fasting blood sugar levels.

Lowers Risk of Colorectal Cancer

Since whole grains are rich in fiber and prebiotics in fiber help promote good digestive health, a regular diet consisting of whole grain breads, added bran, cereals and much more can drastically decrease your risk of getting colorectal cancers.

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