Going organic isn’t only good for your health but it’s also good for the environment. By choosing organic food, you’re helping the soil regain its strength and also helping reverse the damage human activity has caused to the environment. Sounds amazing, right?

Multiple scientific studies suggest that going organic could actually benefit the environment. Here’s how.

1.    You’re Focusing on the Soil

Organic farming doesn’t make use of any pesticides and tries to make the soil healthier. Organic farmers use compost, animal or green manure, and organic fertilizers. This way the plants grow healthier and stronger. These healthy crops are better able to resist any pest attacks or diseases. They’re also more tolerant in drought situations.

The USDA has issued an elaborate guide on how you can keep your soil healthy organically.

2.    Preventing Sewage Sludge

Sewage sludge refers to wastewater that may contain many harmful toxins and hormones. Usually, when the sewage water is treated, the sludge is used as a fertilizer for plants. This fertilizer can be contaminated with different chemicals that may be harmful to your health. But organic agriculture doesn’t make use of any such products.

This is why organic produce is safer and healthier compared to the crops that come from traditional methods.

3.    Going Organic Helps Absorb Carbon Dioxide

leaves with dew

Organically raised plants absorb carbon dioxide from the environment. This absorption can reverse the impact of climate change, making our environment healthier. According to research done, if we continue with organic practices of farming and plantation, we will be able to absorb a significant percent of carbon dioxide emissions that human activities cause every year. This process is called carbon sequestration.

4.    Organic Animals have Lower Carbon Footprint

We all need to be cautious of the carbon footprint that we’re going to leave for coming generations.

It’s the same with animals. Since cattle aren’t raised on a vegetarian diet, their carbon footprint is increasing.

When raising them according to organic standards, the farmers let them eat what they are naturally supposed to. This results in healthier animals with a decreased footprint. We also get dairy products, meat, and eggs that are organic and more beneficial for our health.

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