Have you ever watched a K-pop band perform? Or watched a Korean drama on Netflix? Are you also in awe of how the celebrities look super young and fit in all of these shows? They don’t have wrinkles and have almost glass-like skin. How do they achieve this? Let’s find out!

Korean actors and singers follow a strict regimen. They’re paired up with nutritionists who give them an elaborate diet plan to stay lean and fit. A healthy, balanced diet also helps you combat signs of aging. Along with that, they also follow strict beauty routines that make use of moisturizers and other products, aiding in keeping their skin healthy and supple.

Eat Well

This means you need to eat foods that provide your required calorie intake without going overboard. You should switch to natural, organic foods that don’t have any toxins. If taken, these toxins may stimulate aging, making our skins look dull.

Our K-pop idols take special care of this and stick to a well-regulated diet of meals prepared with the best ingredients. This not only makes them look younger but also helps them stay fit.

Exercise Regularly

Working out every day is healthy and helps regulate blood flow. This reduces our body fat and builds more muscle. You don’t need to do an intensive cardio workout daily. A light exercise throughout the week along with an intensive workout for a day or two will make up a good routine.

Your favorite Korean star follows a similar routine. They take their workouts seriously because they don’t want to gain excess weight that would make them look unattractive.

Skin Care Routine

A Korean man in water

This is extremely important. Even if you don’t follow the multi-step Korean regimen, you should still use a basic moisturizer along with a good cleanser and toner. Also, never forget SPF. Our Korean stars are big on skincare and each has their own routine they follow with some tweaks.

Monitor Calories

This is somewhat similar to the first point. Our bodies need calories in three main forms: proteins, carbohydrates, and fat. Yes, we need fat too, but in regulated quantities. The Korean stars usually focus on protein intensive diet. And lucky for them, Korean dishes usually have high protein content compared to carbs and fat. This increases muscle build and growth. And needless to say, it helps you stay fit and young, just like your favorite K-drama or K-pop stars.

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