How Ramen Became The Quintessential Korean Meal

How do you make Ramen?

Open up a pack of noodles, throw in the spices, and then wait a few minutes. Use a large serving bowl, transfer it all, add a small bit of butter, some cheese, maybe sesame seeds, and it’s done!

It’s probably one of the most straightforward recipes you can make. But despite its unfussiness in flavor, Ramen still reigns as one of the most beloved foods of them all.

Ramen has the type of charm in every bite that sometimes makes you forget about the troubles of life. As you cradle that bowl of delicious noodles in your arms, the warmth of the broth and noodles envelopes you and comforts you, making you want to crawl into bed and watch Netflix all day long.

But how does Ramen accomplish all that — when it uses just a handful of ingredients?

cup noodles

Why People Love Ramen

Let’s make a distinction between two significant factors. Created in the early years of the 1960s, what we now classify as instant Korean noodles are called Ramyeon — they’re often mistaken for the Japanese instant noodles, Ramen.

The Korean-made Ramyeon is very different from Ramen and is made with a spicy broth and noodles. Very apt for its time of creation, since Koreans in the 1960s were too busy hurtling toward success than to take time and have food, this busyness led to the creation of dried noodles, with a sachet of seasoning in a Styrofoam cup. All you needed to do was use boiling water, add it, and voila, you have your meal in a cup.

Because of its durability, easy-to-use nature, and transportability, Ramyeon became a common choice amongst business folk, students, artists. Anyone who would have to travel in Korea, even for a trip to the store would most likely have a cup of Ramyeon in their hands.  But what began to bring this meal center-stage was the way people would customize it according to their taste.

Bean sprouts, chopped leeks, eggs, processed cheese, various vegetables, milk, anchovies, even abalone were often used as main ingredients in Ramyeon. As time went on, Ramyeon or Ramen became a staple in Korean cuisine.

It also helped that as people became a little concerned that all this Ramen may not be as healthy for them as they wanted, food producers started latching onto the idea of healthy Ramen, and began producing low-fat versions using higher-end ingredients. Though they were expensive, that didn’t stop people from buying them.

For The Love Of Ramen

For The Love Of Ramen

Ramen is a favorite meal because it’s so customizable. It’s why Korean Ramen has become so popular around the world. And it’s also why we at SFMart always encourage other people to put their twist to Ramen if they buy the ingredients.

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