How to Incorporate Organic Sun-Dried Radish Leaves in Your Diet

Siraegi is a popular Korean dish that is prepared by drying out the leaves and stem of the radish. It’s widely used in other parts of the world too. It’s a healthy option for those looking to lose some weight as it is extremely low in calories. Radish leaves also contain vitamins, fiber, calcium, vitamin A, and vitamin C.

There are many ways you can incorporate this specific ingredient in your dishes and create some tasty and healthy dishes from the comfort of your home:

1. Dried radish leaves with anchovies

This dish is perfect for a healthy home-cooked winter meal. Start by soaking the dried radish in water and let it boil until the leaves and stem look bloated or plump. Take it out and rinse under cold water, after which you can peel off the skin.

Now take whatever herbs and vegetables you can find at home and sauté them in Perilla oil (made by crushing organic perilla seeds). We recommend garlic, chilli flakes, and of course anchovies. Serve them cold or hot and sprinkle in some onion or rice for a delicious meal.

2. Spicy dried radish salad

This dish is also known as Mumallaengi Muchim. It’s a classic Korean salad dish (Muchin) made from dried radish leaves and is very famous for its crunchy and chewy texture.

Add some dried radish in a bowl, and a bit of water and soya sauce. Let it soak until the leaves absorb the liquid and they look soft and chewy. Strain the water out and sauté the radish over medium heat. Mix some vegetables such as green onion or even garlic flakes to it. Mix it well and serve for a nutritious and healthy meal

A dish of radish salad with papayas

3. Creamy radish leaves soup

What’s better than a hot creamy raddish soup to beat the winters? You could never go wrong with this dish and it can be served as a great appetizer.

Start with heating the butter and oil in the soup over medium to high heat. Add some garlic and salt pepper for taste. You can even add potatoes for an extra flavor. Boil and cover the pot to let it cook. Then add radish leaves and stock into it. Garnish it with cream and spinach to make it a full meal. Serve hot and fresh!

A bowl of radish soup with tomatoes

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A bag of organic sun dried radish leaves.

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