The coronavirus pandemic has left us chained to our laptop and phone screens. Whether it’s remote work, an online class, or a video call with your friends—you’re confined inside four walls trying to cope with the isolation.

But, thanks to streaming sites like Hulu and Netflix, we have a steady supply of fantastic Korean dramas to keep us company.

If you're a die-hard K-drama fan, you probably also love the cuisine—mouthwatering Korean ramen, fried chicken, and all the other dishes featured on your favorite shows.

To love your K-drama fantasy, here are five Korean staples that you must try!


Sometimes mistaken for Japanese sushi, kimbap is a Korean snack that’s made with ground beef and eggs. Koreans love eating kimbap on picnics, for lunch, and even give as a gift to their loved ones.

What we love most about this classic Korean snack is that it’s super-easy to make. So if you’re planning a K-drama marathon with your besties, we recommend you pick kimbap as the featured snack of the night.


An absolute fan favorite and a Korean staple, Kimchi is a delicious treat that you can enjoy while watching K-dramas.

A recent study conducted in Korea even found that the fermented cabbage that’s used to prepare Kimchi reduces harmful enzymes in your lungs and protects them from viruses.

Who knew that such a delicious Korean snack would be so beneficial to your health!

Korean Ramen

Just thinking about ramen makes your mouth water and tummy grumble. This particular Korean food has been featured on almost every K-drama ever made. Whether you're a cooking-averse individual or a culinary artist, binging on ramen is an absolute must while watching your favorite show!

A girl eating Korean ramen while binging K-drama


The perfect fusion of marshmallows, cake, and a velvety smooth layer of chocolate—this will give you the perfect sweet kick while you watch your favorite K-drama episode. This snack has been recently featured on Descendants of the Sun, a South Korean TV series.

Wondering Where To Buy Korean Snacks in the US From?

Korean snacks are loved for a good reason! They aren’t laden with sugar and saturated fats, nor do they have harmful trans-fats that will coat your arteries. Ingredients like sweet potato, organic popcorn, almonds, milk, corn, fruits, and more, all make Korean snacks taste fulfilling. 

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