A giant mug of tea is like a warm hug when you're down with a cold or flu. This is especially the case during the winter season when immune systems are weaker than usual. At other times, lack of adequate sleep, high stress levels, and many other variables can bolster immunity, drastically elevating a person's chances of getting flu. 

Known to relieve many symptoms, including sore throat, blocked nose, headaches or congestions, teas are an important part of various cultures worldwide. Some people prefer starting their day with a revitalizing cup of tea, while others like to put an end to a long day by unwinding with their favorite brew.

People take their teas very seriously! By combining different elements such as grains, edible leaves, vegetables, flowers, and fruits to herbal teas, they enjoy powerful tonics that prevent them from getting sick. Here are a few condiments you can add to your herbal tea routine to boost your immune system and feel energized.


Dried moringa powder and tea.

Containing six times more vitamins than oranges, Moringa is packed with nutrition that repairs cell damage, fights inflammation, and boosts immunity. Antioxidants in the tea also encourage hair follicles' growth, improve skin, and protect bones and muscles.

Along with clearing the mind and boosting energy without the need for caffeinated alternatives, the healthy production of white blood cells after a regular intake of Moringa also improve blood circulation and relieve sore throat, flu, and cold symptoms without any adverse side effects.

Add a teaspoon of organic sun-dried Moringa seeds in a cup of boiled water, or add it to your morning coffee, tea or juice to reap the most benefits.


Echinacea flower in a garden.

North America’s purple flower has benefits beyond being an aesthetic tool for your Instagram pictures. Echinacea infused tea has anti-inflammatory properties that help fight flu’s, colds, and other illnesses by boosting our immune system.

Pair it with any rejuvenating tea such as peppermint, green tea, or ginger tea to enjoy a floral flavor burst while benefiting from its antimicrobial abilities.


Goji berries in a white ceramic saucer cup.

Studies reveal that Goji berry, a traditional Korean superfood, triggers the body's antibody response. As powerful antioxidants packed with nutrients, goji berries promote healthy cell growth, ward off flu and cold, and improve immunity.

The best way to enjoy Goji berry tea is to add it into a cup of boiling water or mix it with other similar berries and ginger tea.

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