Our Favorite Korean Dishes

Forbes has highlighted 2021 as the year when Korean cuisine goes mainstream.

The very sight of these exuberant food bowls, like the one pictured above, is enough to make us crave the glorious Korean cuisine.

Here at SF Mart, we're all huge fans of Korean food – and that's why we love bringing Korean flavors to your homes in the United States. Our online food store holds the most popular Korean snacks, including the world-famous Ramen noodles, alongside a huge selection of organic foods.

If you're looking to enter the world of Korean flavors, be ready to tantalize your taste buds with aromatic rice, vegetables, seafood and meats, topped with some delicious seasonings.

Here are our favorite Korean dishes:


While 'bap' means rice, 'bibim' means stirring the rice.

You must have guessed by now that these are the renowned rice bowls. They are made of warm, aromatic rice with a topping of a tangy sauce, such as soy sauce or kimchi and some delicious vegetables. You might also find various meats including chicken or beef. Some bibimbaps are also topped with raw eggs.

Bibimbap has vegan and non-vegan options and a seafood version called hoedeopbap.

If you wish to try it at home, our organic white rice makes for the perfect base for your bibimbap!

Organic white rice at SF Mart


Tracing back to around 2000 years ago, Kimchi is a nutrient-packed classic side dish made from fermented and salted cabbage. The dish includes a variety of other fermented ingredients, giving it a unique taste that is savored by locals and foreigners alike.

Kimchi's unique nutritional properties, such as its high fiber content, low caloric count and high mineral content, make it a popular side dish that completes every Korean main dish.

At SF Mart, we have a range of Kimchi products including Kimchi flavored Ramen.

Stir-fried Kimchi available at SF Mart


Translating to soft tofu stew, this dish is a much-loved spicy delight.

Its main ingredients include tofu, vegetables, meat and chili paste; however, the flavor of mushrooms is what tops it all!

The delicious broth and melt-in-your-mouth textures make it a must-have!

We carry a wide range of high-quality mushrooms including Shitake mushrooms here at SF Mart.

Haetae Dried Shitake Mushrooms at SF Mart

Try your hands at Korean recipes and order your ingredients at SF Mart.

We provide organic options including organic brown rice, black, brown and green lentils, sesame, oats, barley, seeds and oil.

Order online now and get your Korean groceries delivered to your home in only three days. You can also get 10% off on orders when you subscribe to our emails.

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