We often talk about ourselves as adults and how we need to switch to an organic lifestyle. We’ve discussed how beneficial organic foods are for us. But what about children? Are they not impacted by the harmful pesticides and insecticides present in inorganic food? Do we need to pay attention to their diet having organic foods for healthy growth?

Let’s talk about all of these issues in this blog today!

1.    Pesticide in the Womb

Organophosphates are pesticides that are used to kill small insects that can damage crops. These pesticides successfully mitigate the creepy crawlies but their particles may stick to the fruits and vegetables.

Research suggests that children who are exposed to these pesticide particles when in their mother’s womb, may have a lower IQ. These pesticides kill the insects by damaging their nervous system. Being exposed to them was initially linked with stunted growth and attention issues.

2.    Toxin Exposure to Infants

a baby eating food

Infants are still developing their bodies fully. Their internal systems aren’t strong enough to remove toxins from food. They need to consume only healthy food to grow properly. However, toxins from pesticides and GMOs can harm your baby’s body. You may be thinking that you’re giving your little one all the nutritional value but they’re also being exposed to harmful chemicals that were used when the food was being grown.

3.    A Balanced Diet for Your Young Ones

Apart from canceling the harmful impact of toxins that we may be exposed to via traditional food, organic foods are also packed with nutrients. Your child can get their prescribed quantity of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

So, choosing organic instead of traditional fruits, veggies, dairy, or grains is the obvious choice of parents when it comes to raising healthy kids.

Choose Organic Korean Groceries

We know that as parents, you want the best for your kids. You want to minimize their exposure to toxins that may lead to cancer and many other health implications. And you want your kid to have a healthy lifestyle. So, it’s an obvious move to choose organic for them.

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