Oats are carbohydrates rich in protein, minerals, and vitamins but are low in fat, making them the perfect breakfast option. There are different types of oats, and here’s a quick guide to help you pick out the right one for you:

Steel-cut oats

Steel-cut oats are rich in vitamin B, which is known to give energy. Compared to other oats, steel-cut oats have a chewier and rougher texture and a robust nutty flavor.

Unlike rolled oats, steel oats a long time to prepare as they haven’t been through any preparation process. However, you can reduce cooking time by soaking steel oats beforehand.

Rolled Oats

There are two types of rolled oats; regular and thick. The difference between these two types of oats is their overall thickness. Compared to steel-cut oats, these two types of oats are eaten in their raw form and can also be used to bake cookies and bread.

In contrast to steel-cut oats, rolled oats are groats that go through a flattening and steaming process. Rolled oats are an excellent addition to muffins, cakes, bread, and cookies as they add texture and nutrition.

Compared to steel-cut oats, rolled oats have a soft texture and milder taste, making them a perfect option for a milder-tasting food option. As they’re partially cooked, they take lesser time to cook.

Benefits of Oats

According to experts, there are various health benefits of adding oats to your daily life. Both types of oats can be beneficial as they help control diabetes. They’re known to improve lipid profiles and blood sugar levels, manage cholesterol and are safe for those with celiac disease or gluten allergies.

Since they’re also high in zinc, iron, magnesium, vitamin B, and E, they’re incredibly beneficial for your health. Additionally, compared to rolled oats, steel cuts oats have are low on the glycemic index.

Where Can I Purchase Rolled Oats?

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