A perfect college student starter kit comprises; coffee, college pride sweatshirts, and tons of Korean Ramen noodles. 

Instant Ramen noodles have helped millions of college students get through college by providing them nutritious and delicious food on the go. Have some leftover store-bought rotisserie chicken? Toss it in with some ramen noodles! Want to have a complete meal with proteins, fats, and greens? Throw in a soft-boiled egg and spinach or broccoli, and voila! A wholesome dinner is ready to eat!

Ramen noodles are often associated with the Japanese culture; however, ramen from Japan and Ramyeun from Korea are completely different delicacies. 

This blog follows the journey of ramen noodles all the way from China to Japan and how Korea adopted the Ramen noodle and made it it's own.  

Chinese Vendors Bring Ramen to Japan

In the mid-1800s, Chinese traders brought ramen noodles to Japan. The Japanese began to call it Shina Soba; 'Shina' meaning 'China,' and 'Soba' is the noodle made from buckwheat flour. The Japanese ramen noodle was usually hand-stretched noodles freshly prepared in a broth made from Chicken, Pork, or beef.

As Japan experienced its industrial revolution, Ramen noodles made for a quick, delicious, and low-cost meal available for the working class.

Ramen Comes to Korea

Koreans didn't experience the goodness of Ramen noodles until after the Korean War. The Korean War ended, and the only good thing to come out of it was the Korean Ramyeun.   

Post-war Korea had to get back on its feet, and the Korean population needed to consume a filling but low-cost meal to get through the after-effects of the war. This is where Korean Ramyeun came to the rescue and provided the local population with a hearty and savory delicacy that filled hungry tummies within a few minutes.

The Birth of the Instant Noodle

The credit for formulating the Instant Ramen noodles goes to Momofuku Ando. Ando engineered the production of instant noodles to help feed the war-stricken locals and provide them with nutrition. He developed the 'chicken noodle' by dehydrating the noodles that could be made into a steaming bowl of ramen by boiling it in hot water.

Dehydrated instant noodles can be made into a hot steaming bowl of delicious ramen noodles

Momofuku's brainchild soon took the US supermarkets by storm, and college student hopped on the instant ramen train, as it was a low cost and non-perishable meal. College goers and advertisement through media sources sky-rocketed Ramen's popularity and made this Korean snack a household name.

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