Tea is one of the most popular drinks all across the world.

In Europe, India, and Asia- everyone has enjoyed drinking tea for ages. But what if we told you that tea doesn’t only have a great taste but is also packed with tons of health benefits!

 So, let’s spill some tea over here!

1.    Rich in Antioxidants

Antioxidants reduce cell damage. As the name suggests, antioxidants minimize oxidation at the cellular level. This helps your skin appear younger. It also reduces the risk of cancer, aids in the treatment of arthritis, and improve your eye and heart health. Antioxidants are commonly found in fruits; however, green and black tea have ten times more antioxidants than in any fruit!

2.    Tea can Help in Weight Loss

People losing weight often resort to green tea and mint tea. Green tea has two special ingredients catechins and ginseng. They release fat from fat cells and speed up our metabolism.

Tea promotes weight loss has been proven by many pieces of research that are now published in accredited journals.

3.    Tea Helps You Relax

a cup of tea

When you need a break, tea can help you relax. Stress and anxiety are bad for your physical and mental health. You can drink chamomile tea to calm down. Chamomile tea aids in sleep and helps you relax. This is because the tea acts as a mild sedative. Moreover, it reduces your body’s inflammation.

4.    Tea Increases Brain Activity

It has been proven that drinking tea every day may increase your cognitive activity. It improves memory in young and middle-aged people. The caffeine in tea helps improves focus and alertness in tea drinkers.

5.    Tea has High Nutritional Value

Talking about matcha alone, it has a high content of vitamins. Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, and K can be found in matcha tea. It is also rich in dietary fiber which is good for your stomach and overall health. Along with that, matcha is also packed with proteins and minerals.

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