In the autumn, the weather gets a lot dryer, and along with it, so does your skin. Chapped lips and flakey skin are not a good look on anyone. People often have different skincare routines for summer and fall, because of how dry the weather gets in certain places. Your skin really does need that extra amount of attention, but sometimes, plain moisturizers just won’t cut it.

Here are 3 easy ways you can make sure to lock the moisture in:

Make a Green Tea Mask:

Apart from boosting your metabolism and aiding in fat loss, green tea can also do wonders for your skin. Green tea contains many helpful vitamins that keep your skin moisturized, such as vitamin E and vitamin C, which are known for their skincare benefits. Green tea can help reduce roughness and dry patches during fall and winter. Since it is all-natural, you don’t even need to worry about whether it’ll suit your skin type, because it can’t do much harm. All you need for the mask is baking soda, green tea, honey and water.

A woman with clear, healthy and hydrated skin.

Try a Water-based Moisturizer

If you moisturize several times a day but still end up with dry skin, you probably need to switch out your moisturizer for a water-based one. Water based moisturizers lock in moisture better and for longer. Their other benefits include being more lightweight than regular moisturizers. This means that they are less likely to clog your pores and cause breakouts when applied.

Since they are lightweight, they often suit all skin types, whether it’s dry, oily or combination (though, if your skin is overly sensitive, we’d suggest consulting a dermatologist before making any drastic changes to your skincare routine).

Use Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are the new trend in skincare, and we completely understand why. Sheet masks are full of moisture and nutrients and are convenient and easy to use. Before sheet masks, applying masks was quite a tedious process, but with sheet masks, you can apply it, leave it for 15–20 minutes, and then take it off and throw it in the bin. This is a perfect, quick and easy addition to your skincare routine.

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