Traveling to China? You're in for an intense experience.

China is vast in terms of its area, population, culture, and ideas. And its history goes back a long way. Each region has a rich heritage of culture and food and arts, which explains the variety of distinct cuisines.  

Like Chinese food, Chinese snacks differ from region to region, and there are some that you absolutely must try!

Xiang Cui Jinzhengu - Spicy Enoki Mushrooms 

These spaghetti-like mushrooms are a Sichuan specialty—a province in China that’s known for its spicy cuisine. They come in ready-to-eat small packets, with a fair punch of spice and quite a bit of chili oil too.

If you’re somebody who can’t handle your spice, don't try it, and if you still do, keep a glass of milk and some water close by.

Stinky Tofu

As the name suggests, this is fermented tofu that carries an odor. In China, it is usually sold in night markets, and food stands.

It’s black, sticky, slightly spicy and has the consistency of canned meat. Fair warning: it’s really stinky!

Try the garlic flavor if you're feeling particularly adventurous; combining two intensely odorous foods could be quite interesting.

White Rabbit Creamy Candy

We think it’s safe to say that this hard, creamy milk candy is a national favorite, and is a part of many Chinese people's childhood memories; it’s especially popular during the Lunar New Year Festival. 

It comes in small toffee wrappers, and inside them they’re further packaged in rice paper, which looks exactly like tracing paper—but edible! And you can eat the candy with it. The correct way to eat it is to let the rice paper melt first without chewing it and wait for it to turn super creamy.

Wei Long Latio Spicy Gluten

This used to be an extremely popular snack back in the day and has suddenly become popular again amongst teenagers. It’s made of flour primarily and is extremely chewy and oily. You might be wondering what’s in it to draw the attention of kids—well, the spice, of course! It's packed with spicy flavor, and the best part is that it's light on the pocket!

Gan Tian Hua Mei — Sweet Preserved Plums

These come in cute little jars and are slightly sour, slightly sweet. They look a bit dry, just like prunes and can be very addictive for some.

However, they are an acquired taste, though, so excuse us if you don't love them.

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