The Korean wave has taken the world by storm. All everyone can talk about are Korean food, pop stars, Korean dramas, and their beauty products. South Korean pop culture is now the world’s pop culture, with everyone obsessing over their favorite Korean star. Today, let’s try and understand the world’s obsession with Korean cuisine.

1.    Korean Mukbang

This entertainment or ASMR technique has increased the popularity of Korean food. Women and men eating loads of Korean food while making distinct sounds is super popular across the world. Even though today, we’ve got Mukbang artists belonging to different ethnicities, the craze originated from Korea. Just a quick search on YouTube will introduce you to the world of Mukbang, with videos reaching up to 20 million views. People have claimed that these videos have helped them relax. One thing we’re sure about is that these videos have promoted Korean cuisine across the world.

2.    Korean Food is Healthy

Korean food is a comparatively healthier cuisine. They focus on vegetables and meat and prepare their food using simple techniques. Korean food has lesser oil than other Asian cuisines. The ingredients that Koreans use are also mostly clean and grown organically, which makes their dishes even healthier. For people who want to enjoy a good taste and also want to keep a check on their calorie intake, this cuisine is perfect for you!

3.    The Unique Taste

Shitake Mushrooms

Korean cuisine uses some special ingredients that offer a taste different from others. Koreans are big on fermented foods, which are healthy but also taste great and different. Kimchi is fermented cabbage that you can add to any Korean dish or eat as is. Another Korean ingredient making rounds is the Gochujang. It’s an extremely hot chili paste that gives Korean food its signature sweet and spicy taste. You can now find it in different stores across the US and UK. And people love adding the hot yet sweet chili paste to enhance their food’s flavor.

4.    K-pop

How can we talk about anything in Korea and not mention our favorite music genre? K-pop exposed to the South Korean pop culture. And as the army wanted to know more about their favorite bands, they discovered the tasty Korean cuisine. Hence, K-pop and even K-dramas becoming a global phenomenon helped Korean cuisine reach the level of fame it is at today.

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