Hydrangea Leaf Tisane [15g canister]


Hydrangea Leaf Tisane [15g canister]

Product Description

Often referred to as Gamro Cha, this tisane comes from a specific species of hydrangea plant found in the high-altitude mountains of South Korea (not the same as the flowers found in your backyard!). This medicinal herb steeps a light golden color with a natural sweet flavor that lingers in the mouth. Shown to be effective for stopping cough, alleviation of fever and heart disease, it is also used as a natural sweetening agent (an alternative for sugar - safe for diabetics), hydrangea will purify and refresh the head and throat.

Origin: South Korea

Ingredients: 100% Hydrangea Leaves (hydrangea serrata)

Taste: Sweet with clean, minty feel that lifts up in back of mouth.