McCabe Organic Farm


Since 2010, Season Food, Inc. has committed to providing natural foods and products that change the lives of our customers.

Our mission is to make healthy, pure, nutrient-rich foods and products available to all and inspire people to eat better.  Season Food, Inc. grew into a natural food company offering whole grains, beans, flours, sesame seed products, and teas.

In 2012, we started farming organic vegetables at McCabe Farm.  Our organic vegetables are grown in fertile soil, supported by indigenous soil microbes and enzymes, and natural fertilizers.  McCabe Farm has a sun-drying facility that combines traditional sun-drying methods and modern technology. Our sun-dried products have higher vitamin D and mineral contents compared to dried vegetables by dehydration machine.

It expanded adding a McCabe Organic Brand in 2013. McCabe products are certified organic by CCOF and OCIA. Obtaining our certification requires a yearly inspection of our facility and records to insure that our products meet industry standards.

We are innovating and creating new products, and we are always seeking to provide the exceptional foods and nutritional items that our customers need for their healthy lives.

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