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Ramen Bags

What Could Be Better than a Large Bowl of Ramen Noodles! Feeling sad, glad, happy, or mad? Whatever your mood may be, we can guarantee that a bowl of Korean ramen will set things right, and lighten up your day! has an extensive selection of Korean ramen on offer. For all palettes and food lovers, we carry flavors such as spicy chicken and seafood to cheese and buckwheat, all to match your preference. The great thing about Korean ramen is that a bag is sometimes enough to soothe your soul and fill your tummy. But, if one bowl doesn’t satisfy your hunger, not to worry! We offer our products for an affordable price, so you can order multiples without worrying about your wallet. Buy authentic Korean ramen noodles online and open yourself up to a whole new experience. wants to keep you and your stomach happy by providing quality products from the Asian market. Indulge in some treats and make a day of it!

Seaweeds & Lavers

It has been a Korean tradition for new mothers to consume miyeok guk, a soup made with seaweed, after giving birth because of all the nutrients it contains. There are several other ways to enjoy the health benefits of dried seaweed, you can eat it with rice or as a tasty snack. You can purchase in large quantities or small single-serving packages for quick meals on the go.


Have Yourself a Delicious Snack with For those after-workout snack breaks and mid-morning hunger pangs, has a selection of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese snacks that’ll satisfy your stomach and your mood! Snacks in East Asia have a fan base of their own and forgood reason! They take their snacks seriously. So, it’s not just about making any food that’s laden with sugar and saturated fats and Trans fats that coat your arteries. By using ingredients like sweet potato, organic popcorn, almonds, milk, corn, fruits, and more, their snacks not only taste good, they make you feel full as well. A lot better than that airy bag of chips and the Big Gulp you spent your money on! Buy these snacks online from, your trusty online store for Asian food. And browse our other categories as well. Stock your pantry with the best Asian snacks and treats that money can buy.

Tea & Coffee

Start Your Tea Adventure with In Chinese and Japanese tradition, tea or coffee are considered as more than just beverages to keep you going through the day. An essential part of their ritual and connection with the ancestors as well as their loved ones, tea, and coffee are the tools through which people pay respects. Steeped in tradition, the practice of serving and taking either beverage is regarded more as a way of showing love. This is why, if you go to any Chinese or Japanese store, you’ll find numerous variations of teas and coffees, all made to cater to different tastes. is bringing this collection to your kitchen! offers an extensive line of teas and coffeesonline, popular in China and Japan, so that you can experience their flavors in the comfort of your own home. Indulge in the culture and buy multiple flavors, each with its own history to tell.