Samyang Hot Chicken Ramen (삼양 불닭볶음면) 140g x 5 Packs
Samyang Hot Chicken Ramen (삼양 불닭볶음면)  140g x 5 Packs  Korean 'bul dduk bokkeum' or spicy charcoal chicken flavour Very hot and spicy   Product of Korea 청량고추에 버금가는 초강력 매운맛의 4계절용 볶음면, 불닭볶음면 청양고추 (양4,000~10,000SHU)에 버금가는 초강력 매운맛(당사분석치기준 4,404SHU)...
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Bongpyeong Spicy Buckwheat Ramen 1 Pack (4pcs)
Bongpyeong Farm is growing based on honest buckwheat grown with the energy of soil that embraces infinite vitality.Bongpyeong Farm, a good and honest company, is a buckwheat manufacturing and distribution company that has been steadily growing based on buckwheat, a...
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